Hinoichi Synchronicity

I told you that I had gone Hinoichi Satoyama cycling on Sunday, cycling around Hino Town. Guess what? The mayor did Hinoichi on Monday, the next day. It just happened by chance. He decided to do it as a trial for one of the options for future cycle tourism in our town with the vice mayor and other staff members of the town hall. The vice mayor used to work for the prefectural government, and he was one of the members who started promoting Biwaichi, cycling around Lake Biwa. So, they are interested in the idea of introducing Hinoichi to promote cycle tourism here.

I didn’t know they had such a plan at all. I just decided to do it out of the blue. I was originally going to cycle to Hino station with my son and take our bikes on the train to Maibara, near Lake Biwa, and cycle to the lake, cycle back and take the bikes back on the train again. But my son didn’t want to do it and I thought I might as well do something more challenging if I was doing it by myself. Well, actually I was going to do Biwaichi, but the accommodations were all booked for the long weekend and I decided to postpone it till next spring. So there was Biwaichi in the back of my mind, and I wanted to do something similar. It wasn’t surprising that I came up with Hinoichi, yes, even the naming, too. I hadn’t heard of Hinoichi before and I thought I was the first person to come up with the name. Apparently, the vice mayor had the same idea and he has the right to use it if he was involved in Biwaichi.

You could say that it was just a coincidence that the mayor and his team did Hinoichi the day after I did, and yet I felt it was more than just a coincidence. Sunday was 11, 22, and numerologically speaking, it had a special meaning. It was supposed to be a significant day energy-wise, between the new moon and the full moon, preparing for the winter solstice, which is the beginning of the Wind Era. When I decided to do Hinoichi I had this in mind. It was meant to be one of my rituals. Cycling around Hino Town was my way of greeting the spirit of this town, feeling that Hino is shifting toward the Age of Wind, which has the energy of the Aquarian Age. Suppose if the mayor was catching the same energy, something exciting can happen here.

So, the next day, I decided to make an appointment with the mayor and the superintendent of the education board to discuss the possibility of organic school lunch. I am meeting them next week.

Hinoichi Satoyama Cycling

A Zoom Meeting on Organic School Lunch

A Meeting with the Board of Education on Organic School Lunch


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