It is the Season to Have Hinona Pickles with Sake

We have Hinona pickles in season now. Hinona is an heirloom radish grown in our town, which I introduced in chapter 8 of the book, and Hinona-Zuke which means pickled Hinona is our Kyodo Ryori. a local cuisine.

It goes very well with Suzumasamune, our local Sake. Suzumasamune is produced by Yao brewing, which is run by a descendant of an Omi-Hino merchant. So, in many ways, the combination of the two is our Kyodo Ryori.

It is also a time to make pickles. We have many winter vegetables such as Daikon and Chinese cabbage, and they are excellent to be pickled. I will start making some pickles, too.

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