I Don’t Know What I Should Do for the Winter Solstice This Year

It is going to be the winter solstice on December 21st this year, and I don’t know what to do. I usually do something special on solstices. In the summer solstice, we went to Shirahige shrine by lake Biwa, and last winter solstice,  we went to Mt. Mikami, which is a power spot.

Shirahige shrine

Mt. Mikami

It is Monday this year, so I can’t go anywhere far. Maybe somewhere in Hino Town early in the morning. I can climb Mt Watamuki to see the sunrise, but I have to get up very early to do that. I can just go to Watamuki Shrine, the main shrine is our town, or just go regular Nordic walking at sunrise. It is around 7 o’clock, it won’t be hard to do that.

The next day December 22nd is a special day, too this year. The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will occur. In some ways, it is more significant than the solstice, so maybe I should do that on Tuesday instead of Monday.

I know what to do now. I will do something at sunrise for the solstice and I will go to a power spot on the Great Conjunction day since I have more time during the day on Tuesday.


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