Hinona Cafe

I went to a Hinona cafe held at Hino Station today. It was an event to promote Hinona, which is an heirloom radish grown in our town. I introduced it in chapter 8 of the book.


It was held by a Hinona farmer, and he gave a presentation on how he is growing and selling it.


The most popular way of eating it is pickling it, and it is called Hinona-zuke.


You can use Hinona for different dishes and this one is Focaccia using Hinona. It was pretty good.


The rice ball has Hinona inside, too, and it was good. I think Hinona matches rice just like any other pickles.

It is the Season to Have Hinona Pickles with Sake

Hinona is an Heirloom Radish Grown in Our Town

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