Tubu-Tubu Future Food

On Sunday, I held a local zoom cafe in Hino Town, inviting a guest speaker Yuki who cooks her original food called Hitsuki no gohan. Yuki studied macrobiotics and Miraishoku Tsubutsubu, which is called Tubu-Tubu Future Food in English.

We talked about the macrobiotic diet, veganism, low carb diets, raw food, and Miraishoku Tsubutsubu.

Today, I will share with you what Yuki told me about Miraishoku Tsubutsubu.

She said that it was a plant-based diet. In other words, it is a vegan diet. It also stresses Zakkoku. which means miscellaneous grains or native grains. The grains such as millets, black rice, buckwheat, and barley. Our main grain in Japan is rice now, but in the past, people ate both rice and millets, and quite often millets were more common than rice because rice was expensive. Miraishoku Tsubutsubu regards these native grains to be powerful grains containing natural and wild energy. Recent scientific discoveries suggest that native grains are nutritionally well balanced.

Miraishoku Tsubutsubu uses Zakkoku a lot to make different dishes. Not only the main dish, but also to make a lot of side dishes. In fact, they often have rice as a main dish and uses Zakkoku for the side dishes.

Apparently, you can cook dishes using various kinds of native grains to replace meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products.

Yuki also told me that Miraishoku Tsubutsubu didn’t set any rules. You are supposed to enjoy life and you want to eat what your body wants. Nevertheless, once you start practicing Zakkoku based diet, your body naturally starts desiring food that is good for your body, and you won’t need strict rules.

Miraishoku Tsubutsubu sounds interesting. I would like to include Zakkoku a lot more into my diet. It goes along with Dr. Kondo’s research of long-lived villages in Japan. People in the long-lived villages he discovered were often eating Mugimeshi, rice with barley, or Zakkokumai, rice with native grains.

Tubu-Tubu Future Food


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