Nagasaki University Has Discovered that 5-ALA in Natto Has an Infection Suppressing Effect against COVID 19

Nagasaki University in Japan has discovered that an amino acid called 5-ALA found in Natto, has an infection suppressing effect against COVID 19.

5-amino levulinic acid inhibits SARS-CoV-2 infection in vitro


5-ALA is also found in red wine, and that is great news for me. I love Natto and red wine and I consume them almost every day.

Actually, it is found in many other foods; Sake, brown rice vinegar, soy sauce, octopus, squid, green peppers, spinach, bananas, and so on. It is found a lot in fermented foods.


Natto salad is a great dish to have in that case since I put brown rice vinegar and soy sauce there, as well.

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