5-ALA Rich Super Dish Recipe

Yesterday I shared with you research done by Nagasaki University that an amino acid called 5-ALA may have an infection suppressing effect against COVID 19.

Today, I will share with you a recipe I came up with that can gain full access to this nutrient.

It is in Natto, red wine, Sake, brown rice vinegar, soy sauce, octopus, squid, green peppers, spinach, bananas, and Shiitake.

For 100g

Natto has 25.0 (μg)

Red wine 110~173

Sake 70~353

Brown rice vinegar 150

Soy sauce 22.0

Octopus 78.4

Squid 38.4

Green peppers 18.1

Spinach 13.8

Bananas 31.6

Shiitake 5~45

So, I decided to make a salad with brown rice vinegar, soy sauce, Natto, octopus, squid, green peppers, spinach, and Shitake.

This is the recipe.

How to make 5-ALA rich super Natto salad


Brown rice vinegar 10g

Soy sauce 10g

Olive oil 5g

Sesame seeds a little

Natto 50g

Octopus 50g

Squid 50g

Green peppers 50g

Shiitake 50g

Spinach 100g


First, cut some spinach.


Next, cut some Shitake.


After that, boil Shitake for about one minute.


Then, turn the gas off and add spinach. Leave the vegetables there for one minute.


After one minute, you drain the water.


Next, cut green peppers.


Then, cut octopus.


Cut squid.


Then, make the dressing with brown rice vinegar, soy sauce, and olive oil.


Add sesame seed if you like.


Put Natto, octopus, and squid. You can put octopus and squid one hour before to soak in the vinegar if you like. If you don’t want to eat them raw, you can cook them, too.


Finally, add the vegetables,


and mix them together.


  That’s it. Now you have 5-ALA rich super Natto salad. It has about 113.45 μg of 5-ALA all together.

I don’t know exactly how much 5-ALA we need to prevent us from infecting the coronavirus, they haven’t told us, but they said that we can’t get enough of it from food. To have the effect, we need to take supplements. Since I don’t like taking supplements I like to absorb it from food, and I think it is better than nothing. Even though it may not be enough, it certainly boosts our immune system, some of the ingredients used in the salad are already superfoods on their own.

You don’t always have to put them all in one dish. Just like Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I, you can have them over the course of 5, or 6 meals.


Nagasaki University Has Discovered that 5-ALA in Natto Has an Infection Suppressing Effect against COVID 19


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