How to Pressure Steam Fish to Make it as Soft as Canned Fish

Canned mackerel is popular in Japan and it is considered to be a good source of calcium since borns are soft enough to be able to eat.

Nevertheless, I usually pressure steam mackerel to make it in the same state. This is more natural. You don’t know where they caught the fish in canned mackerel.  Also, you don’t need to worry about the tin coating, either.

Today, I will share with you how to pressure steam mackerel.


First, you pour some water into a pressure cooker.


Next, you put a steamer in the pressure cooker and turn the gas on.


When the water is boiled, you put some pieces of mackerel on the steamer.


Then you put the lid on with high pressure.


When the pressure comes on, you turn down the gas to low flame and pressure steam it for 30 minutes.


That makes mackerel very soft including the bones, the same state as canned mackerel.

You can pressure steam other fish, too, but the steaming time varies, depending on how hard the borns are. For sardine, you need much less time, for example. You don’t even need to pressure steam sardine, you’ll be able to eat the borns after grilling it.


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