Hare and Ke: the Japanese Secret to Happy Eating

I told you that I practiced intermittent fasting just during the week and rested on the weekend. It is to do with the Japanese concept of Hare and Ke in the Ikigai Diet.

Hare means not usual, and it is a time for festivals, celebrations, or ceremonies. Ke means usual, and it is our everyday life. We have feasts on days of Hare, but on other days that we call days of Ke, we eat simple dishes like rice, miso soup, and some pickles. In that sense, the one-soup-three-dish-meal is more for Hare. We dress differently and use different kinds of bowls and plates, as well on the days of Hare. By making a distinction between the two, we can appreciate the time of feasts more.

You can apply this custom to make a distinction between vegetarian days and meat-eating days. You can make your weekdays Ke and have simple vegetarian dishes and weekends be Hare and eat richer food, including meat.

In this way, you can appreciate meat a lot more, and your pleasure increases. On the other hand, if you eat meat every day, it becomes mundane, and you probably don’t enjoy the taste that much. If that is the case, what is the point of eating meat? So it is a win-win for you: You are reducing your meat consumption while increasing the pleasure of eating.

The same approach can be used for intermittent fasting. I set the weekdays to be Ke and skip breakfast, but make the weekend Hare, and take it easy. If you know that you can rest on the weekend, you can manage your 16-hour fast more easily.

Also, my son has three meals a day and it is sometimes good to have breakfast with him. On weekend, we often make pancakes and enjoy a long breakfast.


Our pancakes are made of all organic ingredients, and they have full of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and sometimes fermented brown rice, so they aren’t like regular pancakes.

If you want to stay with the plant-based diet for the two meals during the week and are worried about malnutrition, you can always catch up on the weekend by adding some animal-based nutrients. So, in many ways, Hare and Ke system works well.


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