Is it Good or Bad to Drink Red Wine with Your Intermittent Fasting?

Red wine is considered to be a healthy drink and it is known for having a lot of polyphenols.

I recommended red wine in my book, too because it is consumed in Sardinia Italy, and Icaria Greece, two of the blue zones.

Having said that it is alcohol after all, and there are views that suggest alcohol accelerates aging.

Considering both views, I still think it is okay to drink one or two glasses of red wine a day since it makes you feel happy and it can reduce your stress. I wouldn’t say it is better but it helps you practice the Ikigai Diet. You do have to control what you can consume for a certain degree in the Ikigai Diet, even though I designed it to be easier than many other diets, and wine is the last resort to indulge yourself.

I drink red wine often, not every night, but once every two nights or so. Nonetheless, since I began my intermittent fasting, It hasn’t worked the same way. I want to finish eating by 8 pm but if I drink wine, I feel like eating nuts or something even after 8 pm.

Even if I don’t eat anything after 8 pm but continue drinking wine till 10 or 11, I don’t feel as hungry the next morning as the time I don’t drink wine. It looks like it is the same as eating. Apparently, wine does have a lot of calories, and if you want to drink wine at night, it is better to drink it with your dinner and finish drinking it before 8 pm.

Maybe it is better not to drink wine during the week when I practice intermittent fasting. Since I have a break from the 16-hour fast on the weekends, I can save it till the weekends. This way, I’ll consume less alcohol, and the pleasure of drinking wine increases in the same way as it does with meat.

I’ll save money, too-haha. Or I can spend more to get good organic wine.


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