I Have Changed the Cover of the Japanese Version

It will be one year on March 20th since I published the Japanese version of the Ikigai Diet, so I have changed the book cover and updated the content, as well.

It was like this.

March 20th is a special day being the International Day of Happiness. The Ikigai Diet is a diet for happiness. It is a diet for health and longevity, but it is also for happiness, and being happy is crucial for your true health, and living with Ikigai.

I stress the happiness element a lot in the Japanese version and the subtitle is a diet to lead a happy life recommended by a philosopher. There are many dietary books written by doctors and they are usually written from medical perspectives. Having spent most of my life searching for ways to help us lead a happy life, as well as to build a happy society, I have been able to write a dietary book from different perspectives.

The concept of Sanpo-Yoshi is one, three-way-happiness.

March 20th is also the spring equinox, the universal new year’s day. This year, it is the first universal new year’s day since we entered the Age of Air.

Therefore, I am going to republish the book with the new cover.

I Finally Published IKIGAI DIET in Japanese.


The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

POD Paperback