The Fifth Week of My Intermittent Fasting and HIIT is Over

The fifth week is over now.

I feel great.

I am not so hungry in the morning. Maybe I am getting used to it.

HIIT isn’t so hard either. When I told about HIIT to someone, he said it sounded strenuous, but it is doable. It is only 10 minutes after all. It is much easier than working out at a gym. I used to work out at a gym three times a week and each time I spent two hours using machines and free weights 3 set each. Compared to that it is nothing. What was difficult about working out at a gym was not so much about the exercises themselves, but the time. Two hours were a lot to spare. If I can activate my longevity gene sirtuin by just a 10-minute exercise, it is a piece of cake.

Going Nordic walking beforehand is also good.  I am warmed up by the time I do HIIT, and it makes it easier to continue working out.

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