The Spring Energy is Still There for You to Tune into

It is Monday again and I am back at my regular routine of 16 hour-fast, Nordic walk, and HIIT. It is fabulous to go Nordic walking in the morning. I saw cherry blossom’s buds getting bigger and changing color. They might bloom this weekend.

The path I take to go Nordic walking has many cherry trees, so it will be fantastic to walk along them every morning from now on. I will get to see them changing color a little by little and blooming.

This is the seventh week since I began my intermittent fasting. That means I have completed the first one and half months, halfway to get to three months. I have been told that it takes about three months for our metabolism to change, and I am looking forward to seeing the change.

I already feel some change. I feel younger and have more energy. Doing HIIT isn’t hard at all. I am getting used to it, but also maybe my body is getting more capable of doing it.

The awakening energy in the spring is helping me, too. I told you that there were seven things you can do on the spring equinox day, and you can still do them. The spring energy is still there and this awakening energy is the one you want to tune into. It isn’t over after the equinox, it will continue to get stronger as it gets warmer.

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