Earthing Can Help You Stay in Touch with the Natural Kingdom

Recently, I have been doing earthing because I watched a YouTube video by a friend of mine, a Shiatsu practitioner who lives in New Zealand, and earthing was one of his morning routines.

I knew of earthing, but I hadn’t gotten around to do it on a regular basis.

I started doing it on the spring equinox. I first go to my front yard barefoot and do a simple stretching while sunbathing. Then, I put on my walking boots and go Nordic walking.

After walking for about 40 minutes, I find a spot on the ground and lie down.

like this.

I can feel the earth from my back, arms, and legs.

I get plenty of morning sunlight, and it is another great sunbathing time.

The reason why I drink coffee 90 minutes after getting up is that it is better to wake yourself up with natural sunlight rather than with caffeine, and this morning sunbathing really serves the purpose.

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It is wonderful to look at the sky and hear the sound of birds. My body is completely relaxed and I feel connected to heaven and earth.

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