Yoshuku: a Japanese method of Manifestation

Cherry blossoms have bloomed nearly full. Because it rained yesterday we couldn’t have a cherry blossom viewing party, it is a good day to do it today but it isn’t a holiday.

In Japan,  we have cherry blossom viewing parties this season. The last weekend was a good time to have them.

Do you know what cherry blossom viewing parties really mean?

In the past, people had cherry blossom viewing parties not just to celebrate the blooming,  but also to celebrate the rice harvest in Autumn in advance. The cherry blossom was a symbol of a good harvest and prosperity. By celebrating the good harvest in advance, people thought they would manifest that reality.

Basically, it is the same as the law of attraction, isn’t it?

Yes, we had our own tradition of the law of attraction and it was practiced through a form of celebrating in advance, and we called it Yoshuku.

Another example of Yoshuku is Bon Odori in the summer. We had Bon Dance, also to celebrate the good yield in advance.

A common method for the law of attraction is to visualize as if you have manifested the reality you desire. What is interesting about the Japanese version is not just visualizing it, but also you are celebrating it as if you have materialized it.


So, I might do Yoshuku while viewing cherry blossoms later on today.


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