Ikigai Dinner on the Full Moon in Libra

On the night of the full moon day, we had ikigai dinner as usual and I had a local Sake Suzumasamune. This is Namazake, unpasteurized sake. Brewers usually pasteurize sake in order to stabilize its quality and halt fermentation. For Namazake, however, brewers do not conduct pasteurization, and that allows fermentation to proceed during storage and after bottling too. So, compared to pasteurized sake, this kind of sake has an unstable shelf-life. We drink it within a week or so after buying it, and keep it in the refrigerator. Because of its nature, it tends to be local, and it is one of the advantages of drinking local sake.

We had a natto dish and a dish of sweet potatoes and burdocks, which I will share with you some other time as a superfood mush up.


We also had Nabana that is in season now. In the Ikigai Diet, we value Shindofuji that is to eat locally and seasonally. Nabana has full of spring energy. I steamed it, which is a good cooking method. I recommend steaming and stewing more than frying and stir-frying.

Happy Spring Equinox in the Age of Aquarius



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