Can Natto Activate Autophagy?

Natto is another food supposed to be good for autophagy, according to Dr. Tamotsu Yoshimori, the author of Life Science Nagaikisezaruwoenaijidai no Seimeikagakukogi. He was a co-researcher of Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi, the 2016 Nobel Prize winner in Physiology or Medicine, and is one of the prominent experts on autophagy. The book is a number 1 best seller on amazon in Japan now, and in English, it is translated like Life Science: A Life Science Lecture for the Age when we all have to live long. It is a book all about autophagy.

The other food I mentioned before was green tea.

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That is great news. Natto is the king of superfoods, and if I were to recommend one food that can give us the maximum health benefit, that would be Natto.

It has vitamin K and 5 ALA both of which are beneficial for us.

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Natto was also selected to be the number one in the top 10 healthiest food ranking in Japan.

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It looks like I had already been activating autophagy before starting intermittent fasting. Anyway, natto is the way to go if you want to activate autophagy and feed your gut microbiota.

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