Autophagy Boosting Spermidine filled Fiber Rich Super Natto Dish

My 14th week of HKIF, Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting, began yesterday. I had 17 hours fast this time. At night, I wasn’t hungry so I just had a natto dish, I didn’t have anything else, which means no carbs.

Nonetheless, I had a special natto dish. It is steamed vegetables with kimchi and natto.  It has ginger, garlic, carrots, onions, broccoli, Shimeji mushroom, burdock, daikon leaves, and hijiki seaweed. I mixed them with natto and kimchi, and added olive oil, hemp seeds, and soy sauce.

Natto contains autophagy activating polyamine spermidine, and so do Shimeji mushroom, kimchi, and soy sauce.

On top of that ginger, broccoli, and olive oil are said to boost autophagy.

So, it is an autophagy friendly super dish.

It is filled with dietary fiber, too. Burdock contains a high amount of fiber, and I put diverse plants there, including hijiki. It has 12 different plants and each fiber from a different plant can feed a different microbiome within the gut.  By having a wide variety of plants, we can foster diversity in the gut microbiota.

The way to diversifying plants is to include beans, mushrooms, potatoes, and seaweeds in your vegetable intake.

In other words, eating Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I.

Therefore, this super natto dish can affect your autophagy as well as gut microbiota.

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