What Should You Eat First to Break Your 16 hour fast?

It was Wednesday today and I had just vegetables for lunch without protein and carbs. Again, I felt hungry around 4 o’clock, so it must have some fasting effects. Although I ate something for lunch my autophagy continued to function until I eat some protein and carbs. So, it was almost like I did 22 hours fast until 6 pm when I had my dinner.

I wanted to jump to a pasta dish which had some beans on, but I was careful enough to start from my usual fast-breaking dish which is a salad.

When you don’t eat for many hours, your blood sugar level gets very low, and you need to be careful. Dr. Zenji Makita, the author of Isha Ga Oshieru Shokujijutsu, A Diet A Doctor Recommends, says that you should not have high sugar food on your empty stomach. It raises your blood sugar level quickly and causes a blood sugar spike.

It is always good, he says, to eat dishes in this order.

1, vegetables

2, protein

3, carbs

Having vegetables and protein before eating carbs, can slow down the elevation of your blood sugar level. When you fast for 16 hours, your blood sugar level is even lower than usual, so you need to be extra cautious.

There are people who say you can eat anything you like in your 8-hour window, but that can be dangerous. Some people follow that advice and might eat a muffin or a pastry to break their fast.


Sunomono, vinegared vegetables, are also good because vinegar can slow down the rising of your blood sugar level, too.


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