Bio-Harmonizing Yourself through Bio-Steam

Another thing you can do to bio-harmonize yourself, instead of bio-hacking, is to use a method called Bio-Steam.

Bio Steam is a new form of healing hot in Japan at the moment, and it is a way to absorb the essence of natural herbs through their steam.


Underneath the chair, there is a pan which has mixtures of wild herbs slowly being boiled.

This time my wife used mugwort and kuma bamboo grass which were fermented with brown rice bacterium. My wife is a bio steam practitioner and she often gives sessions at home and I get to do it for free-haha. This brown rice bacterium is the same one I talked about in Chapter 9 Wheat VS. Rice, The Ikigai Diet for Europeans in the book. We can drink it in liquid form and that is called Bannokoboeki. Apparently, you can absorb brown rice bacterium much more efficiently through your skin than drinking the liquid version.

You can always absorb it from fermented brown rice, too. So, in your case, you can eat fermented wheatberries or oat groats.

While it is good to have diverse bacteria to help your gut diversity, there are certain bacteria that can adjust or organize the condition in your gut and a bacterium of your staple food is one of them.

That is another thing you need to consider when you practice a low-carb diet like Keto, by avoiding grains, you may be missing something valuable to you.

The Ketogenic Diet vs. The Ikigai Diet


It is a good way to meditate, too.

The difference between bio-harmonizing and bio-hacking is that everything is natural in bio-harmonizing. You don’t use any chips or apps in the process. The flow of Ki energy is important and you don’t want to use anything that might disturb it.

Bio-Harmonizing Yourself Instead of Bio-Hacking


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