Natto Can Bio-Harmonize Yourself through Organizing Your Gut Microbiota

While it is good to diversify your food source to enhance diversity in your gut microbiota, there are certain types of fiber or bacteria that can help organize your gut microbiota.

The gut microbiota consists of three different types of bacteria, good bacteria, bad bacteria, and opportunistic bacteria.  It is said that healthy gut microbiota has a ratio of 20% good bacteria, 70% opportunistic bacteria, and 10% bad bacteria. You need bad bacteria, too, you just need to have this balance. Opportunistic bacteria go either way, whichever is stronger, they follow. Therefore you want to eat all kinds of food to feed diverse gut microbiomes, but you need to eat so-called gut friendly food a little more than others to make sure they stay in charge.

Natto is one of the gut-friendly foods, and the king of superfoods in my opinion. In the last post, I said that a bacterium of your staple food can organize your gut microbiota, and for East Asians, it is the brown rice bacterium. There is another one as strong, and that is Natto germ.

Another difference between bio-hacking and bio-harmonizing is that in bio-hacking, human is in charge, but in bio-harmonizing, you let bacteria take charge. Just like you let nature take care of everything in natural farming, you let microbiomes do all the work in bio-harmonizing.


I made Natto from black beans this time. Yes, you can make Natto not only from soybeans but also from other beans.

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