Bio-Hacking vs. Bio-Harmonizing

I have been talking about bio-hacking and bio-harmonizing, and yesterday I uploaded a new video called Bio-Hacking vs. Bio-Harmonizing.

This time, I didn’t prepare my PowerPoint slides, and spoke without a script. So my thought was not as organized as usual, but in some ways, I spoke more naturally.

When you talk about bio-hacking, there are many different styles, and you can’t put them all in one category. Depending on what type of bio-hacking you are talking about, it has a different connotation.

I embrace bio-hacking as long as it is a natural process. If you are bio-hacking yourself through changing your diet, fasting, exercises, mentality, sleeping, having a sauna, taking a cold shower, and so on.

I like the fact that bio-hackers are taking charge of their body instead of relying on doctors to tell you what to do. You experiment to see what works best. There is no perfect method whether it is a diet, exercise, or mental work, you need to figure out the unique way that works for you.

However, if you are bio-hacking yourself by implanting microchips into your body or injecting a younger person’s blood into your blood vessel, or even relying on supplements too much, I’m not sure if I can support it.

There is another approach called bio-harmonizing which some people have started talking about recently, and I think it matches the concept of the Ikigai Diet more.

Koto Dama

First, the name. Bio-harmonizing sounds better. In Japan, we have a word called Koto Dama, which means a soul of a word or a spirit of a word.  Every word has a vibration and each time you say the word you are releasing the vibration with it, and it has the same effect as affirmation. Therefore, whenever you choose a name, it is better to pick a name that has a positive vibration.

Harmonize yourself with microbiomes and Gaia

In the Ikigai Diet, what we are doing is harmonizing ourselves with the gut microbiomes, microorganisms in the soil, and Gaia, the mother earth. Therefore bio-harmonizing sounds closer to what we are doing.

A lot of things we do are similar to things bio-hackers are doing such as practicing intermittent fasting, following a cutting edge diet, conducting exercises like HIIT, and thinking positively. Nevertheless, having this perspective of harmony and unity makes everything different.  The way we conduct each action is slightly different. The diet changes for instance. If you think about just how to optimize your metabolism so that you can expand your life span and perform more effectively, the type of food you eat will be different from thinking about how to harmonize your metabolism so that you can expand your life span, perform better, and make the world happier. That can apply to your exercises, mental work, and lifestyle.

I will explain how they differ in another post.

I have written some of them in the following post.

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