How to Find Your Ikigai Aligned with Gaia to Get Support for Your Bio-Hacking

It is the last day in my 19th week of Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting today. Tomorrow is the weekend and my Hare period will come. I am so happy. I am happy because I can rest, but also because I have accomplished my autophagy activation for this week. I feel a sense of achievement and this builds my self-esteem.

This week was a little different from before. On Wednesday, which is my vegetable lunch day, I just had an avocado for lunch. Usually, I have a lot more vegetables even though I don’t have any protein or carb dishes. So, it was more like a fat lunch day. I had avocado at 1 pm, and had a kind of bulletproof coffee at 2 pm. I had coffee with a teaspoon full of coconut oil.  So, it was a bit like practicing a Keto diet.

In the last post, I talked about how Ikigai was crucial in your bio-hacking or bio-harmonizing. Especially, if you have an Ikigai that is aligned with Gaia so that you can get support from the macro universe and micro universe. Today, I will share with you how to find your Ikigai that is in alignment with Gaia.

Any life mission you think can benefit the planet earth can be aligned with Gaia, but today I will give you one measurement you can use, which is whether your Ikigai is Sanpo-Yoshi or not.

What is Sanpo-Yoshi?

Sanpo-Yoshi is a philosophy of Omi-merchants who were considered to be the most successful merchants in Japan from the medieval period to 18th century. This philosophy stated that every business the Omi merchants conducted needed to be beneficial to the seller, the buyer, and society in general. In short, a business must result in a three-way satisfaction.

Sanpo means three directions and Yoshi means good or happy and Sanpo-Yoshi contains three Yoshi.

Urite-Yoshi: This means the seller is happy

Kaite-Yoshi: This means the buyer is happy

Seken-Yoshi: This means society is happy.

This is a concept in business, but we can apply it in other fields, too. For example, we can apply it in pursuit of happiness.

Jibun-Yoshi: I am happy

Aite-Yoshi: You are happy

Seken-Yoshi: Society is happy.

Many people have ideas of Seken Yoshi activities, but sometimes they may not make you happy or people around you happy. They can require your sacrifice or your family’s sacrifice. It is important to think of ways to make the world better while you and people around you can have some fun. That is why I don’t believe in a strict diet, and I like the concept in bio-hacking that you customize the diet in the way you feel comfortable.

On the contrary, other activities are Jibun-Yoshi, but not Aite-Yoshi and Seken-Yoshi, or  Jibun-Yoshi and Aite-Yoshi, but not Seken-Yoshi.

Think of activities that can benefit all three parties.

How can you make three parties happy? They include animals and plants, too. That is why the food production system becomes critical when you think of a diet. And yet, you don’t want to make it too strict.

This is important in the long run, it has to be doable. No matter how right you are, if you make a method too strict, only a few people will be able to practice it. If you make it easier, on the other hand, more people will be able to apply it, and the end result will be bigger even though it isn’t perfect.

By the way, this is also an eastern perspective. There is no black and white, it is just Yin and Yang according to Taoism. In Buddhism, too, Buddha suggested the middle way.

You also want to think of activities you love, and activities you are good at as your life mission so that you can be a better service to the world.

Whatever the mission you come up with, now you have the reason to stay alive and energetic into old age. Your gut microbiota will support you, and you’ll be a great bio-harmonizer.

The summer solstice is coming soon. You can do Shinrinyoku, if you like, and think of Sanpo-Yoshi visions.

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