How I am Doing with Intermittent Digital Fasting

I started doing intermittent digital fasting as part of Shizenha Bio-Hacking a few weeks ago.


It is more difficult than I thought. Not using the computer for 2 hours after waking up isn’t hard. I was already doing it for 1 and half hours before, so just extending it for 30 minutes, and I can easily do it by weeding and stuff.

What is challenging to do is at night. Not going digital for 2 hours before going to bed is hard. Some days I have some work matters that need taken care of around 10 pm and I usually go to bed at 11 pm. Other days when I don’t have work, I still want to watch Youtube videos after having a bath before going to bed. Well, I used to drink beer or wine during that time, so at least it is better now that I don’t drink anything or eat anything, thanks to intermittent fasting.

I can’t do anything about working days, but when I don’t have work at night, what I’ll do is to have a bath for 30 minutes from 10 o’clock and get ready to go to bed in the next 30 minutes. I can lie down and give myself a belly massage or do some posture adjusting exercises. It is just 1 hour of digital fasting before going to bed, but it is better than not doing anything.

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