Kayaking Can be Another Form of Shizenha Bio-Hacking

Now that my son’s summer holiday started and we had a national holiday, which was moved from the 19th to today for the sake of the Tokyo Olympic games, we went kayaking near lake Biwa today.

My son can row the kayak much more powerfully now. He just turned 10.


This was two years ago when he went kayaking in Devon.

I was letting him row most of the time and I was taking pictures.

Anyway, kayaking can be another form of Shizenha Bio-Hacking. Well, all outdoor sports can. Shizenha people love outdoor sports. Many of them go mountain climbing, cycling, snowboarding,  canoeing, and kayaking.

Kayaking is a good exercise and you are out in nature. You can feel the fresh air and be under the sun, which is scorching at the moment-haha, but you get plenty of vitamin D.

The great thing about outdoor sports is that you are not moving your body for the sake of a workout, you just move for fun, and this natural movement ends up being an exercise. It is like gardening in that sense. That is what Blue Zones’ centenarians do, move naturally.

You are not measuring anything either. You are not counting how many raps of rowing you did and so on, but being in the water flow, pushed by the wind, your body gets wet with occasional water splash, you are just being here and now, using all senses. It nourishes your consciousness.


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