Shinon Kansha Meditation 3: What If You didn’t Have Any Successful Experiences?

On the full moon in Aquarius, I did Takigyo, being under a waterfall, in the mountains.

It was cold, but fabulous being alone in the natural kingdom.

Then, at night I did Shinon Kansha meditation looking at the moon.

Today, I uploaded a video on Shinon Kansha meditation again. This is part 3 in the series, what if you didn’t have any past successful experiences.

Shinon Kansha meditation is to appreciate gods for manifesting positive realities. Instead of asking gods to manifest positive events, you thank gods for favors they have already given to you. It puts you into a different mindset.

Shinon Kansha Meditation: Shizenha Bio Hacking

However, if you didn’t have anything you feel grateful for happening, what would you do? If you didn’t feel gods have manifested anything positive in your life.

Shinon Kansha Meditation 2: What If You didn’t Have Anything You Feel Grateful for Happening?

You can remember past successful experiences. Anything that once had been your dream and has become a reality.

What if you didn’t have any of that? That is the topic of today’s video.



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