Hare and Ke Gut Cleansing Autophagy Fasting

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This week my fasting schedule is irregular since I did 36 hours fast on Tuesday. I ate three meals on Wednesday and yesterday. Yesterday was another bank holiday, by the way, so we have had two bank holidays this week. It is called the Silver Week in Japan, like the Golden Week in May. Since it is a holiday week, technically I can regard it as Hare period, and eat three meals a day like the weekend.

For those of you who don’t know what Hare and Ke are, Hare is a festival time, and Ke is the usual time. In Japan, we made distinctions between the two and ate differently in the past. Usually, we had frugal meals because it was Ke, but occasionally when we had festivals or celebrations, we regarded this period to be Hare and had a feast. In the Ikigai Diet, I incorporated this concept to make your strict diet more enjoyable. You can regard weekdays to be Ke period and practice a plant-based diet or intermittent fasting, and the weekend to be Hare and eat normally including animal products.   This way you can always relax on the weekend. Breaks are important and you need a break from your diet, too. By resting on the weekend, you feel refreshed and energized and on Monday, you are ready to get back to your fasting or a plant-based diet.

So, I don’t know what to do today. It is Friday and not a holiday. Usually, I practice 17 hours fasting on Fridays. It is 11 am now and I haven’t had breakfast yet. Because I finished dinner at 8 pm last night, if I eat lunch at 1 pm I will have done 17 hours fast. I can also continue fasting until dinner to do 24 hours fasting to catch up yesterday and Wednesday. I’ll see how it goes.

The thing is, we got this Ohagi from my mother-in-law yesterday.

It is a special sweet we eat on the Autumn equinox day. It is made of sweet rice and Azuki beans, and you are supposed to eat it within a day, otherwise, sweet rice gets hard.

I have the option of eating it with my lunch or giving my share to my son who comes home at 3 pm.

Doesn’t that happen to you, too? On your fasting day, someone brings you a cake.

That’s why I make the weekend to be Hare and take a break from the regular routine. This sort of thing often happens on weekends.

Anyway, today’s main topic is Hare and Ke Gut Cleansing Autophagy Fasting. This is my regular fasting style for the third quarter.

Mon: 17 hours fast, plant-based diet

Tue: 17 hours fast, plant-based diet with fish

Wed: 24 hours fast, plant-based diet

Thur: 17 hours fast, plant-based diet with fish

Fri: 17 hours fast, plant-based diet

Sat: 3 meals with meat, eggs, fish, and dairy

Sun:  3 meals with meat, eggs, fish, and dairy

By fasting 17 hours, I activate autophagy. By fasting 24 hours, I cleanse my gut because some bad bacteria can’t survive without feed for 24 hours.

I already told you this is easier to practice than alternate-day fasting. I think it is one of the best intermittent fasting routines, considering the effectiveness and practicality.

For detail, watch this video.


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