Going with the Flow and 21 Hours Fast

This is Hyakusaiji Daru, a sake from Hyakusaiji area near my town. I drank it last week for the autumn equinox celebration.

In my last post, which I wrote on Friday, I said that I wasn’t sure whether to do 17 hours fast or 24 hours fast.

Hare and Ke Gut Cleansing Autophagy Fasting

Well, I ended up doing 21 hours fast. I was just writing a section called Going with the Flow in my new book. It was about being flexible with the situations you encounter. For example, let’s say you go Nordic walking as your daily exercise, but you suddenly change your plan because you have an errand to run in town and you can cycle into town instead.

After 17 hours of fasting I wasn’t hungry yet, so I decided to continued fasting until I get really hungry, which was around 5 pm, 21 hours after the last meal. It wasn’t 24 hours after and somewhere in between 24 hours fast and 17 hours fast, but I didn’t feel it was necessary to always stick to hours but how you feel. I felt I was hungry enough to eat. The gut was cleansed well enough and autophagy was working.

On top of that, I had this Ohagi to take care of-haha.

So, I had early dinner and had Ohagi for dessert.

21 hours fast was pretty good. It is much harder than 17 hours fast and you feel the effect, and yet, it isn’t as hard as 24 hours fast and doable. Yes, fasting until you get really hungry can be good no matter how many hours have passed. Instead of looking at the clock, you can listen to the feeling of your gut.


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