Temple Step Climbing HIIT and Onsen Recovery: Shizenha Bio-Hacking

On Saturday, my son and I went to Chomeiji Temple again.

Chomeji is located by Lake Biwa in Omi-Hachiman in Shiga Prefecture, and it has 808 steps leading to the temple. Tarobo Shrine that we often visit has 740 steps, so Chomeji has a bit more steps.

I told you that I liked to do HIIT when I climb up the steps.

Climbing up Shrine Steps: Shizenha Bio-Hacking

I can climb up 20 steps and rest for 10 seconds and repeat the process 8 times.


Chomeiji has a great view of the lake when you arrive at the top. It is a magnificent feeling and there is a sense of achievement.




Choumeiji means long life temple. Yes, it is a temple of longevity and you feel your lifespan is extended each time you visit here.


There is a hot spring called Chomeiji Onsen nearby and we could relax after the exercise.


Splendid view of the lake.


This resting time is crucial in Shizenha Bio-Hacking. After the workout, you always make sure to have time to relax. According to Yu Suzuki, the author of Furo Choju Method, Immortality and Longevity Method, the number one secret to extending your lifespan is to have a combination of moderate stress and recovery.  He went through over 3000 data on immortality and longevity from 1970 to the present and came to this conclusion.

Stress can be applied in the form of fasting, exercises, or being in a cold temperature or hot temperature, but it should be followed by a recovery period.

This can explain the Japanese longevity again because there are many hot spring spots located near mountains or temples and shrines with steps. A lot of us go to a hot spring after mountain climbing.



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