My Regular Acupuncture Treatment

Last Tuesday was my acupuncture day. Dr. Hirai comes once every two months and gives treatments at our house.

Many people in Hino come to our house that day to take his sessions and I squeeze myself into his tight schedule.

Each time he does different things such as adjusting and loosening certain parts of the body and this time his focus was more on acupuncture. Usually, he uses short needles but this time he used long needles and it was very much like a regular acupuncture session.

I was just writing about Ki energy and how it was good to receive Shiatsu or acupuncture regularly to adjust your Ki energy in my new book, it was good timing.

This week is almost over and I am completing another week of Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting. This week, I did lunch to lunch 24 hours fast from Monday to Tuesday so when I had the session with Dr. Hirai, it was during the last hour of my fasting window. I felt fantastic.


Have a nice weekend!


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