Winter Solstice is Approaching

It is already the middle of December and the holiday season is approaching. Since Japan isn’t a Christian country Christmas isn’t a big deal in our country although there is a lot of illumination in town. Here in Satoyama, however, we don’t see much of the illumination and the Christmas atmosphere is much less around here.

One thing more apparent though is the fact that winter solstice is approaching. We can see it and feel it in the sun every day.

When I go morning Nordic walking, each day the time of sunrise is getting later. You feel the celestial movement and the changes of seasons a lot more in the countryside.

In the Ikigai Diet, we regard solstices as significant periods, and I usually do something special during the periods. Last winter solstice was extra powerful since it was the same time as the Great Conjunction. I went to my favorite forest.

I haven’t decided what I will do this year. I might go to the same forest or I will climb a mountain, either Mt. Watamuki or Mt. Mikami.

Have you decided what you will do?


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