I Have Changed the Title to be Ikigai Bio-Hacking

I uploaded a new video yesterday.


I told you that I had completed the first draft of my new book Shizenha Bio-Hacking last week, and I decided to change the title to Ikigai Bio-Hacking.

This is because a friend of mine, who was the editor of one of my books, suggested that I should do so a few months ago.

He said that Ikigai was a popular word now and it was recognized in English-speaking countries while Shizenha was not.  I knew that, yet I thought I could spread a new word.

He said it was very difficult to popularize a new word, and if you had an option of using an already spread word, it would be much easier to sell the book. Plus, he said, in my case, I already had a book with Ikigai in the title, it would make more sense to call it Ikigai Bio-Hacking, and people would think it is my second book.

He was right. So, I started thinking of that option then. However, I hadn’t made my mind up yet because I really liked the word Shizenha and Shizenha Bio-Hacking made more sense to me.

Besides, I had a hesitation in using Ikigai again.

Certainly, Ikigai is known in other countries, and that was the reason why I called my dietary method the Ikigai Diet. Nonetheless, Ikigai was spread with the misunderstood notion.



This Ikigai Venn diagram is everywhere and many Youtube videos about the ikigai concept were made using this diagram.  You know it is not how Ikigai is regarded in Japan, right? I have written about it many times already.

This diagram was made by a man called Marc Winn by merging a venn diagram on ‘purpose’ with Dan Butterner’s Ikigai concept.

Meme Seeding

We don’t have this kind of diagram in Japan and Ikigai isn’t a framework. It is just a word people use in our daily conversation, and yet many people around the world seem to perceive it in a different way.

I was reluctant to use the word Ikigai again. Maybe it is time to move on and start spreading a new concept which is regarded to be cool in Japan, by Japanese people, and Shizenha would be one, I thought. Nevertheless, what my friend said stayed in my mind, and now that the manuscript is ready, I gave a thought to it one more time.  I searched under Ikigai and under Shizenha to see how many hits I would get. Well, Ikigai had over 68 million sites and Shizenha had only one site which was mine.

On top of that Ikigai had a Wikipedia page, too.  Oh, I didn’t see it before. Okay, now ikigai has established itself as an English word. I opened the page to see what it said.



Not bad. This time, Ikigai is explained correctly. They refer to some Japanese scholars on Ikigai, as well, and are introducing it in the way it is perceived in Japan.

Thanks to people like Nick Kemp, who runs the Ikigai Podcast, the true meaning of Ikigai has started to sink in.

The Ikigai Podcast

It looks like the situation with Ikigai is changing now.

Okay, in that case, I can use Ikigai again in the book title. Ikigai Bio-Hacking can go very well with the Ikigai Diet, too. Yes, it will be much easier for people to see their connection.

Ikigai Bio-Hacking: Bio-Hacking based on Japanese Natural Health

Yes, the meaning is clear to people.

I will keep Shizenha Bio-Hacking, too. I still like the word Shzenha and I can use two names. In this way, I can spread the word Shizenha.



The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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