Rocky Mountains in the Kinki Region and Shugendo

On January 15th I visited some shrines again. Serious Shintonists visit a shrine every 1st and 15th of the month and we are supposed to offer Sake to gods in the house shrine, too. Since practicing Shinto tradition a little more properly this year is one of my New Year’s resolutions, I did those. But I didn’t offer Sake at my home shrine, I offered rice instead. Otherwise, I would be drinking Sake every 1st and 15th, too-haha.


First, I visited my local shrine, which I do every day since it is in front of my house, then I visited Umamioka Watamuki Shrine, the main shrine in our town. We call it Oomiya, meaning the big shrine.

After that, I decided to go to a shrine that I had not visited this year yet.


Taroubo Shrine. It is a shrine I often visit and I have written about it many times in this blog.

HIIT at a Shrine and a Shinon Kansha Candle

Tarobo Shrine and Jugoya, the Harvest Moon

It is not regarded as a mecca of Shugendo like Mt. Hando, but Shugendo was practiced here, too. It seems Shugendo was everywhere in the Kinki Region.


It is a rocky mountain and a famous power spot. There are huge rocks everywhere. Come to think of it, many mountains around here are rocky. Mt. Mikami was like that and so was Mt. Inoko, let alone Mt Hando.

The 400th Post and the Full Moon Synchronicity

Climbing a Low Mountain on the Weekend

Visiting a Mecca of Shugendo on Winter Solstice

Maybe the reason why Shugendo flourished in the Kinki Region was because of this landscape. These rocky mountains were suitable for their training.


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