How to Find Your Ikigai in 2022: Life Missions



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This is part 2 of the last video. In the last video, I dealt with the first meaning of Ikigai, daily joys or pleasures that motivate you. In this video, I am dealing with the second meaning of Ikigai, life purposes or life missions.

Again, to find your ikigai, you want to consider the situation in 2022, which is a post-pandemic era. Also, you want to think of how the world is changing in the next few years, since your life missions will continue for many years.

You want to be aware of the shift from the Earth Age to Air Age.

To know what the Age of Air is, please watch the video below.


To know the difference between the Age of Air and the Age of Aquarius, please read the posts below.

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One shift is from materialistic values to spiritual values, and personal happiness and social happiness will be tied in the Age of Air.

Therefore, when you think of your life missions, you want to think of something that benefits both yourself and society.

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