I Tried Doing 48 Hours Fast

I have been eating Jerusalem artichokes a lot recently since they are in season.


I have them with Negi.

On Monday and Tuesday, I tried doing 48 hours fast for the first time. I didn’t eat at all on Monday and skipped breakfast and lunch on Tuesday. I wasn’t going to do it. I was going to do just regular lunch to lunch 24 hours fast, but I wasn’t hungry at lunch time on Monday and didn’t eat. At dinner time, I thought I could try doing 36 hours fast again if I skip dinner. So, I did. The next morning, I thought I could keep fasting until lunch because that is what I usually do. If I do that I will have done 40 hours fast and that will be a new record.

It was full moon on Tuesday and I wanted to do something special. I decided to go to a hot spring facility near by and try the sauna there.  The proper way of having a sauna; alternating sauna and cold bath three times. I can’t do it when I go with my son because he doesn’t want to go into the sauna room. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do it. It can also help me kill my time during the fast.

So, I did. I stayed at the hot spring facility for 2 hours. I did sauna, cold bath, hot bath alternation three times. It was fabulous. It means I did it around the 40th hour of my fasting; in the middle of the autophagy activating period to further stimulate autophagy.

When I came home it was 4 pm and I had fasted for 44 hours. I could have eaten lunch then. I did enough. I had already made the new record. Then I thought, if I continued it for another 4 hours, I will complete 48 hours fast.

That is how I ended up doing 48 hours fast. Well, to be exact, 48 hours fast with Nordic walking twice, HIIT once, cold shower and hot bath alternation once, and sauna, cold bath, and hot bath alternation once.

I feel fantastic. I am proud of myself.

In one hour, I will complete this week’s intermittent fasting, which is doing 48 hours fast, plus 3 days of 17 hours fast.

I am looking forward to eating  Jerusalem artichokes.


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