I Changed the Amazon Book Description Page for the Ikigai Diet

I changed the Amazon book description page for the Ikigai Diet.

I wonder what you think of it.

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Which Japanese Region is the Longest-Living?

It isn’t Okinawa. If you want to know the answer, keep reading.

Do you want to stay sick-free even when you are in your 80s and 90s? If you do, you may want to consider a Japanese method since Japan has mostly had the lowest mortality rate in the world for the last ten years. Average life expectancy in Japan reached record highs for both women and men in 2020, at 87.74 years and 81.64 years, respectively, according to a basic table released by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare on July 30, 2021.

If you remember, we had the worldwide coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

To learn the Japanese way, you need to have accurate information about Japan. Unfortunately, a lot of claims made about Japanese culture are misinterpreted or outdated. Okinawa being the longest-lived prefecture is one of them. In Japan, Okinawans are not necessarily regarded as people of longevity since it was back in the 1980s when Okinawa was ranked high in the prefectural ranking. Recently Nagano has ranked within the top three and gained the reputation of being the longest-lived prefecture, followed by Shiga.

Ikigai is another one. It is nothing to do with the popular Venn diagram. It isn’t a framework in Japan.

In this book, you will discover:

•The secret of Japanese centenarians in Nagano, Shiga, and Okinawa.

•The lifestyle of Shizenha people, young naturalists who are true inheritors of centenarians.

•Cutting-edge Japanese dietary buzzwords such as Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I, Ichibutsu Zentaishoku, and Shindofuji.

•Not only the traditional approaches but also scientific research conducted by modern Japanese doctors and scientists.

•How to improve your wellbeing dramatically while you enjoy eating. It isn’t an elimination diet.

•How to plan your breakfast, lunch, and dinner using your local ingredients.

•The true meaning of Ikigai and how it can help you lead a healthy, happy, and meaningful life.

The Ikigai Diet is a diet and lifestyle I constructed based on the lifestyles of Shizenha people.

I am not a doctor, scientist, or a health expert of any kind, and therefore nothing I wrote in this book guarantees a medical effect. Nonetheless, I have done my research and carefully selected the methods which coincided with recent scientific discoveries, such as autophagy, a cellular recycling mechanism famous for Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi’s Nobel- Prize-winning research.

I am one of Shizenha people, even though I am not young anymore, and I have personally experimented with everything I introduced in the book and found it useful. I turn 60 years old this year, but I haven’t had any problems at my medical checkups so far. People tell me that I look younger than my age, and I was diagnosed that my vascular age was 21 years younger.

(This is the second edition of Ikigai Diet. The new edition The Ikigai Diet has 112 pages, while the first edition has 34 pages. The second edition is much more comprehensive, and there is a print on demand paperback version, as well)

If you want to stay healthy into old age with the traditional and cutting-edge Japanese methods, then scroll up and click the Buy now with 1 click button to get your book instantly.


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(This is the second edition of Ikigai Diet. The new edition The Ikigai Diet has 112 pages, while the first edition has 34 pages. The second edition is much more comprehensive, and there is a print on demand paperback version, as well)

Do you want to learn the Japanese secret to staying young and healthy into old age? Then, this is a book for you. It contains the most recent information on traditional Japanese dietary culture.

You may have heard of the macrobiotic diet or the Okinawa diet, but there is more to Japanese diets than those two: Zen Shojin diet, Koso Genmai, fermented foods, Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I, and the dietary culture of Shizenha people.

Shizenha people are Japanese naturalists who live in the countryside, growing their food using natural farming or organic farming, and practicing the authentic traditional Japanese diet.

The Ikigai Diet is a diet Sachiaki Takamiya composed based on the diet and lifestyle of Shizenha people and centenarians in many long-lived villages in Japan, including villages in Okinawa.

In this book, you will learn about Zen Shojin diet, Koso Genmai, fermented foods, Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I, Japanese superfoods, and many other concepts in the current Japanese natural dietary culture.

You will also learn how to find your Ikigai, a life purpose, and how to live your Ikigai. The Ikigai diet will help you stay in balance both physically and mentally so that you will be able to stay aligned with your life mission. It will help you lead a long, healthy, and meaningful life.


Chapter 1 The Secret to Staying Young from the Healthiest People in Japan

Chapter 2 Ikigai and Sanpo-Yoshi

Chapter 3 Organically Grown Vegetables vs. Naturally Grown Vegetables

Chapter 4 The Secret of the Traditional Japanese Diet Part 1: How to Optimize Fermented Foods

Chapter 5 The Secret of the Traditional Japanese Diet Part 2: Zen Shojin Diet

Chapter 6 Low Carb Diet vs. Brown Rice

Chapter 7 The Superfood Rice Alternatives to Brown Rice

Chapter 8 Kyodo Ryori: the Authentic Washoku

Chapter 9 Wheat vs. Rice: the Ikigai Diet for Europeans

Chapter 10 The Seven Foods That Will Age You Faster

Chapter 11 The Secret of Japanese Longevity: How Over What

Chapter 12 Adding Hygge to the Japanese Diet

Chapter 13 Ikigai diet menus

Chapter 14 Ikigai Exercises

Chapter 15 Ikigai Mindset

Chapter 16 Satoyama Living

Chapter 17 How to Find and Live Your Ikigai


Sachiaki Takamiya is a writer and the founder of the Ikigai Diet. As a writer, he has written many books. His best-known work is a spiritual adventure novel called Tenjo-no-Symphony, which was published in Japanese from Kodansha in 2006. In English, he has written Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity, and IKIGAI BUSINESS.

He lived in England in his early 20s, where he studied Shiatsu and macrobiotics at the British School of Shiatsu, studied different kinds of psychotherapies at the Center for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education and at the School of Hypnosis and Advanced Psychotherapy. He was fully involved in holistic movement there, including visiting Findhorn, a spiritual community in Scotland.

He lives in a small rural town called Hino town in Shiga Prefecture, which is one of the longest-lived prefectures in Japan. He practices a Satoyama lifestyle there, growing vegetables and making fermented foods. Although he is in his late 50s, he hasn’t had any problems at medical check-ups so far, and he was diagnosed that his vascular age was 21 years younger.

He also has a network of naturalist friends in Hino Town, surrounding areas in Shiga Prefecture, and all over Japan.


The Ikigai Diet: The Secret Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity

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