Yoshuku on the Chinese New Year and the Shrine Visit

It was the new moon and the Chinese New Year yesterday, so I conducted Yoshoku.

Yoshoku is a Japanese way of practicing the law of attraction, you celebrate the outcome you desire in advance. It is good to do it on the new moon, since the new moon is the time to make wishes.

I wrote about it in my new book Ikigai Bio-Hacking.

It was also the first day of the month and I visited the main shrine in our town.


Dedicated Shintonists visit a shrine every 1st and the 15th of the month, so I decided to follow the example this year. I visit my local shrine every day, anyway, so I went to the main shrine as well yesterday.

To give you an idea, my local shrine is located in front of my house and this main shrine is about a 30-minute-walk. Both are local shrines for me and they are connected, but technically my Ujigami, a local god, is in the shrine in front of my house.

Yesterday, I also uploaded a new video.



In the last video, I shared with you about the sauna culture in Japan and how the word Totonou has become a buzzword. Last Sunday I went to a hot spring facility nearby and tried doing Totonou. In this video, I am sharing my experience with you.


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