Bio-Hacking for Over 50

Another thing I did over the weekend was earthing. It was a beautiful day on Saturday, so I lay on the ground and felt the earth’s energy. I like doing it because it is easy, easy for people over 50.

Do you ever feel that biohacking is for young people?


When you see images of biohackers, quite often, they are people in their 20s or 30s doing ice lake plunging or lifting a heavy barbell.

Then, you might feel you can never do that.

I don’t blame you.

Even I felt that way when I watched Joe Rogan demonstrating 20 minutes of doing an ice bath plunge. 20 minutes! Are you kidding me?

Once you become over 50, you don’t have the energy and mentality to challenge things like that.

You also wonder how these young people understand longevity when they haven’t lived long yet and haven’t gone through a mid-life crisis or any other ordeals you come across when you get older.

They confidently give you all these scientific data to show you the effects of their biohacking methods using cutting-edge video-making tools. That sounds convincing, and especially you are impressed with the video quality, feeling you could never make videos like them.

Yet, back of your head, don’t you feel like this? What the hell do they know? Come back and tell me when you become 60.

If you have ever felt this way, I am with you. I am reaching 60 years old this year and life isn’t the same as when we were in our 30s or 40s, is it?

Number 1, we can’t comprehend information at the pace that is presented-haha. Can you stop the video there? I haven’t finished reading it.

Number 2, we don’t feel we are fit enough to do things that are presented.

I designed Ikigai Bio-Hacking for people over 50.


I designed it to be doable for over 50 because we are the ones who need this type of know-how the most, young people don’t need to do that, not yet anyway.

I always asked a question during the creation process. Is it easy enough for us to practice? Is it safe enough for us to practice?

For example, I recommend Nordic walking because it is easy for us to do, even for seniors. It is physically not too challenging, and mentally relaxing. Yet, it is very effective. If you walk for about 30 minutes, you have enough effect for longevity, and you don’t have to go through that pain in the first 10 minutes of running.  You have no risk of injuring your knees, and walking with your correct posture helps your knees and joints function better.

I recommend bodyweight HIIT because it is good from oriental perspectives, but also it is safer for seniors. As long as you are applying your bodyweight, you should be able to manage. There is no risk of dropping a dumbbell on your body.

Everything I introduced in the book, I tried it myself and it was doable for me. Well, I have been doing it for a while and I am much fitter than many people my age, still, I am not in my 40s or 30s and there are things I can do and I can’t do.



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