What Are the Chances of Finding Four-Leaf Clovers on Your Kanreki(60-Year Old) Birthday?



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On Saturday, I had my 60-year-old birthday lunch with my family.

We went to a natural food restaurant in Otsu. The restaurant was located at the lakeside of Lake Biwa, the lake I cycled around 2 weeks ago.

Biwaichi: A 60 Year Old Japanese Biohacker Challenges Cycling Around Japan’s Biggest Lake in One Day

Since I had already completed two of my 60 years old commemoration challenges, Hinoichi Nordic walking and Biwaichi cycling, I could relax on the actual birthday.

We had lunch at the restaurant on the right. Then, later we had coffee and cake at the cafe on the left.


The Lake Biwa was just in front of them.

We could play football a little in the yard and my son found a four-leaf clover for me. I found four-leaf clover on my 55th birthday, too and I wrote a blog post about it.

What is the chance of finding many 4-leaf-clovers on your birthday?

So, this is the second time to find a four-leaf clover on my birthday.

Later, he found more. He found two more four-leaf clovers and one six-leaf clover.

I had a very lucky birthday. It was a great Kanreki birthday.

What does Kanreki mean? Why is it related to longevity? This is another secret to Japanese longevity.

For details, please watch the video.



The Ikigai Diet and Ikigai Bio-Hacking