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This is my breakfast. Home-made bread with omelet and salad. I put other grains in the bread such as oats and barley, and I use wholewheat flour and brown rice flour. I use free-range eggs for the omelet.


Have you quit intermittent fasting?

No, no, this is my breakfast on the weekend.

Recently, many people seem to be quitting intermittent fasting.

Thomas DeLauer, a popular YouTube health coach, discusses the reasons in his recent video.

One of the reasons he thinks that people are quitting intermittent fasting is that they practice the 16/8 method every single day and they get tired of doing it. They feel they have to continue doing it forever and feel pressure from it.

That is interesting.

I never have this problem because of Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting. I practice intermittent fasting only 5 days a week and I take a break on the weekend. I always have a rest after doing it for 5 days, and this resting period makes so much difference in your psychology. You know you don’t have to do it forever.

Also, we have a quarter system in Hare and Ke Intermittent Fasting. After 3 months, you take one week’s break or you can take two weeks’ break if you like. Having this cycle gives you more mental relief. You don’t have to do it forever. After 3 months, you can rest.

Each quarter, you can reset your fasting strategy and make it harder or make it lighter. For example, if you feel the 17/7 method is too hard, you can change it back to the 16/8 method. You always think of upgrading it, but downgrading is also okay, and sometimes you need to slow down to keep the balance. Or, you can do the 17/7 method 4 days a week and take a break 3 days a week.

Be flexible.

You always communicate with yourself and find the way that suits you best.

After downgrading it for 3 months, you may want to upgrade it again.

Pain and recovery. Those two always come together. Just like Yin and Yang, you need a cycle to keep the balance.

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