NW plus Bodyweight HIIT plus Gardening

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I told you that I had begun my new morning routine,

My New Morning Routine

Well, I stopped it after a week or so because it was a little too hard for me.

Running in the morning doesn’t suit me. I like Nordic walking because you can gradually wake yourself up, and the first 10 minutes is a good warming up.

So, I changed the routine back to the previous one but I also altered a little from that.

I now go Nordic walking three times a week, instead of five times a week. I don’t go Nordic walking when do bodyweight HIIT. I do bodyweight HIIT three times a week, too, so I work out six times a week and alternate NW and BWHIIT.

I do loosening and stretching six times a week though.

I sometimes don’t go NW even when it is a NW day because I have to do weeding in the garden. In summer, the morning is the only time to work in the garden.

For BWHIIT, I now do a lot more.

push-ups 3 sets

sit-ups 3 sets

dumbbell biceps curl 3 sets

dumbbell shoulder press 3 sets

I use 5 kg dumbbells, so it is more like bodyweight exercise.

wide arm push-ups 3 sets

triceps dips using a chair 3 sets

finger push-ups 1 set

In summer, I feel like doing a lot of strength training.

Then, on the weekend, I sometimes go swimming at a lake. I spend a lot of time in the garden, too.

I like this wide variety. I am using all kinds of muscles and body parts in different movements.

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