You can Experience Ikigai-kan and Satoyama at the New Ghibli Theme Park


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I visited the main shrine in our town yesterday since it was the 1st day of the month. In Japan, we usually visit a shrine on the 1st and the 15th of every month. I visit my local shrine every day but the main shrine is just twice a month. The shrine is pretty big and there are many areas. Each area has a charm of its own. I was the only visitor as usual, and I could feel the atmosphere entirely just for myself.

I wonder if you get a similar experience at the new Ghibli Theme Park opening in November. Yes, a Ghibli theme park will finally open in Japan. There is a Ghibli museum in Tokyo but it is rather small and it will be the first time for Ghibli’s theme park of this size to open.

I have always wanted them to open a theme park just like Disneyland. I mean why not? Ghibli movies are so popular and millions of people have watched them worldwide. They should have been able to open one.

However, Hayao Miyazaki hadn’t seemed to be interested in the commercial aspect of their business.

Now I am happy to hear that it is finally opening.

Yet, it won’t be like Disneyland, there will be no rides or other similar attractions. The director of the park is Goro Miyazaki, a son of Hayao, and he seems to have taken over his father’s spirit.

It will be a theme park you have never seen before. It will take you to the next level.

The park is designed to experience the world of Ghibli by immersing yourself in nature and stillness. For example, the area of My Neighbor Totoro has Satoyama scenery, just like in the movie. But this time real Japanese satoyama with rice fields and forests.

There is a limited admission capacity in each area, and the park will never be packed so you can take time and appreciate the space quietly.

Now I like it even more. Disneyland-looking Ghibli theme park will be nice as I also enjoy Disneyland, yet, just like the movies have taken the viewers to a new dimension, their theme park should be something unique and special. It can introduce a new culture like the one I described in my book Ikigai Bio-Hacking. You know the one I described in the section of Zen and the Art of Listening and Giving, Do Away with Competetive Mindset, and You don’t have to Have Life Missions: Just Be Here and Now. I even made a reference to Princess Mononoke there, didn’t I?

A culture that is not so flamboyant, not seeking growth and stimulus all the time, but something more subtle and introverted.

The Japanese culture Nick described in his book Ikigai Kan is a little like that. The nuance behind ikigai and other Japanese words have these somewhat tranquil, modest, and plain yet deep feelings. Just like beauty on a rainy day.

The park will open outside of Nagoya, which is great news for me because Nagoya is not far from Shiga.



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