Is Technology Good for Health and Longevity?


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Recently, I have been spending a lot of time learning new skills regarding the computer and the internet.

I have even uploaded a new video using a new editing function.


There is too much to learn and there are so many new functions that I can’t keep up with. Things are changing all the time and being upgraded every few months.

For computer literates, maybe these changes are part of their life and nothing to be confused by, but for people who are not, probably most people in my generation or older, it is extremely stressful.

I mean how many hours do you have to spend to learn just one new function?

I have spent two months, the entire two months of full-time work, migrating my websites.

The thing is when you call those so-called support desks, the persons answering the phone don’t speak English, I mean they don’t speak the language you understand. And many of them don’t seem to have social skills either. They don’t seem to be able to feel how it is to be in your shoes.

If you can call them you are lucky, quite often they only accept e-mail questions or chat, and when you do that sometimes computers answer your questions.

When you are lucky enough to communicate with an actual person, he or she might say, oh this is not the area we can answer, please ask the WordPress support desk, or please ask the support desk of that particular plugin. Everything is divided and no one seems to have the knowledge of the whole structure.

I don’t know who came up with the system, maybe not one person, but several different individuals whose fields of expertise are all separate,  whoever they are, they are not intelligent, intelligent in the way to make people happy.

Well, in that case, don’t use computers, they might say.

But you can’t choose that option anymore, everything is digital these days.

What worries me the most is technocrats are making decisions now on how we should live, without our consent.

I mean have you ever been asked that they are installing 5G systems and if it is okay with you?

No. They, I mean Big Tech, decided to establish a new system, and since they are dominating the market, all businesses have to go along with it to keep up with the competition. And since all services are provided with the new system, people like us have no choice but to adjust ourselves to the change.

The wellness industry is the same. More and more, things are shifting to digital and big data-based systems.

What if they upgrade the system every few months to check your blood sugar level and other health matters?

It is possible that the same kind of people who are at the support desks who can’t sympathize with how you feel will be making your medical decisions in the future.

We need to reexamine the health trend that is influenced by technology.


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