Visiting the Shrine on the Local Shugendo Mountain

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On Saturday, I climbed Mt. Watamuki, the local mountain, for the first time in a year. It was October 1st, the first day of the month and the time to visit the main shrine, but this time, instead of visiting the main shrine, I decided to visit the shrine on the mountain where the actual god resides. I have been meaning to go there many times to report the publication of Ikigai Bio-Hacking just like I did to other sacred spots.

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Climbing Mt. Omine, the Mecca of Shugendo

However, I hadn’t had a chance to report to my most local Shugendo mountain.

Yes, Mt. Watamuki is a Shugendo mountain, too. Shugendo practitioners trained there in the past. Therefore, it had even more special meaning other than being the object of local worship.

This is the shrine at the summit. I brought Ikigai Bio-Hacking book and reported to the god about the publication.

Finally, I did it. I am so relieved.



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