I Made a Purple Sweet Potato Pumpkin Pie

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I added purple sweet potatoes to my pumpkin pie and the color changed.

The taste was good, too, although my son said he preferred a regular pumpkin pie.

I have plenty of sweet potatoes now anyway. The next time I will make a pie just from the sweet potatoes.

I have been eating purple sweet potatoes every day now. It makes me feel like Okinawans. The purple sweet potatoes we have in mainland Japan are different from the red sweet potatoes in Okinawa but the health benefits are almost the same since they were developed in Kagoshima based on the Okinawan red sweet potatoes. Kagoshima is in southern Kyushu and its old name is Satsuma, and we call sweet potatoes Satsuma imo in Japan since many of the sweet potatoes were first grown in Satsuma.

According to Dr. Shoji Kondo, the author of Long-Lived Villages and Short-Lived Villages in Japan, there were many long-lived villages in Kyushu and Shikoku, and Satsuma imo was the staple food in many of them. So, I could say that eating purple sweet potatoes makes me feel like Kagoshimans.



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