Three Health Benefits of Eating Natto at Night by Natto King

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When do you eat Natto? Do you eat Natto for lunch or dinner?

By now you must be familiar with all the health benefits of Natto, and the question is what is the optimal time to eat Natto to take advantage of the benefits?

If you are not familiar with Natto’s health benefits, please watch this video.


If you read The Ikigai Diet, you know that I recommended eating Natto for dinner, which is strange because many people in Japan eat natto for breakfast. Natto is known as a breakfast dish.

Yet, recently, among Shizenha people, the health-conscious people, it is popular to eat natto at night.

More and more scientific evidence suggests the benefits of eating Natto at night.

Why is it good to eat Natto at night?

I uploaded a video for it.


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