Using Snow for Deliberate Cold Exposure and Exercise

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It has snowed a lot in the last few days.

We usually have some snowy days every winter, but it was the first time this winter.

Snow can disrupt our morning routine, but we can utilize it to our advantage.

The morning sun gazing in the snow is fantastic.

I did standing meditation for about 10 minutes. It was interesting that it became a deliberate cold exposure, as well.

Staying still outside is shivering, and if you meditate, you are deliberately exposing yourself to the cold temperature.

According to Andrew Huberman, doing it deliberately is the key to cold exposure. If you are forced to expose yourself to cold for a long time, it becomes a stress and doesn’t have the same kind of benefits. When you do a cold plunge, you do it deliberately, and that makes the difference.

During the standing meditation, you are paying attention to Hara area to feel Ki energy, and you can even imagine that cold air and snow can become Ki energy.

So, it was a combination of the morning sun exposure and cold exposure.

I did go Nordic walking, too, but I stopped in the middle since there was too much snow to walk. Instead of walking 3 km, I walked about 1.5 km, yet the walking time was the same, and it became harder training for my soleus muscles to walk on the snow.

And, of course, shoveling snow can become good exercise.

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