Fire Gazing Awakens the Primitive Part of Ourselves

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On snowy days, it is good to stay inside and sit by the wood-burning stove.

I have always liked looking at the fire, whether it is a fire on a bonfire or a fire in a fireplace, or a fire in a wood-burning stove.

It is completely different from looking at electric light.

According to Matthew Walker, the author of Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams, it is not good to be exposed to electric light so much after sunset, and it is better to spend the evening in a dimly lit room. That makes me wonder if looking at a fire at night is beneficial. I suppose it is since that was what primitive men were doing.

Many of the biohacking methods mimic the lifestyles of ancient people. Intermittent fasting is one since our ancestors were hunters and gatherers, and there was always a period when they spent their days hungry.  Exercise such as running is one since primitive people spent much time running to hunt animals.

When you think of that, gazing at fire is a part of primitive lifestyles. I am sure it awakens our ancestral genes and reconnect us with the wildness we had.

I don’t know what the data says, but I don’t always want to check the data; I just want to trust my feelings,

It feels good; it must be good.

Well, it is great meditation, anyway.

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