Shizenha Bio-Hacking, Ikigai Bio-Hacking in Japanese, Will be Published on March 21st

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The Japanese version of Ikigai Bio-Hacking is now ready. It is called Shizenha Bio-Hacking and written like 自然派バイオハッキング.

I am doing the final checking of the manuscript.

The book will be published on March 21st.

It isn’t the translation from Ikigai Bio-Hacking, I wrote the book from scratch for the Japanese audience.

Just like my other book The Ikigai Diet.  The Japanese version is written for the Japanese market and the English version is written for the international market.

I think it is quite important to distinguish the two. Many of the translated books don’t match the psychology of the readers. Especially when they are translated from English into Japanese or vice versa. The two languages are quite different and the cultures behind them, too.

Even the title, Shizenha Bio-Hacking is much more appealing to the Japanese audience. If I say Ikigai Bio-Hacking, most Japanese people don’t get a clue of what it means, but Shizenha Bio-Hacking, the meaning is clear.

However, if I use Shizenha Bio-Hacking as the title in English, English-speaking people will have no idea what it means.

And that applies to the content, as well. The knowledge base is different between the two and the environments are different, too. For certain things, I need to explain more in Japanese, and for certain activities, I need to select the ones which are more easily done in Japan.

Anyway, I am happy to complete the book. It has been a while since I began writing the book.

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