The Commonalities and Differences between Longevity Biohacking and Teenage Biohacking

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I spent the whole weekend doing exercises with my son, and my legs are sore now.

My son is 11 years old now, and it is time to start preparing for his puberty. So I checked on the nutrition, exercises, and sleep for puberty.

There are tons of videos on this topic, too. Now you can find almost anything on YouTube.

Since I have been studying longevity health, it was easy for me to grasp the essence. Many things are similar. Both senior citizens and teenagers get benefits from good nutrition, exercise, and sleep, yet there are some differences, too.

Exercises, for instance, are different. While we need to do about 30 minutes each day, teenagers need to do over 60 minutes. They need more vigorous exercises, too.

So, on the weekend, we did the optimal exercise for my son, and it was a little too much for me.

We jogged to a nearby hill, which took us about 5 minutes. Then we walked up the hill, which took us another 5 minutes. On the hill, we did some tree hanging, jumping, and sprinting. After that, we played soccer for about 30 minutes and jogged back home.  Then we did some stretching.

My New Morning Routine

It is a little similar to this workout I shared with you in the post above, but playing soccer on top of sprinting was a bit too much for me, and that’s why my legs are sore.

For nutrition, my son needs more protein and calcium, which means he needs magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin K2 to help absorb calcium. I need them, too, for my muscles and bone density, but I don’t take protein in the morning. I practice intermittent fasting during the week and don’t have breakfast, and my protein intake is low since it is an autophagy-activating period. I have three meals and have a higher protein intake on the weekend, which is my mTOR activating period.

For the detail on my protein intake, please watch this video.

My son, on the other hand, needs to activate mTOR, which is responsible for growth,  more often. So, he doesn’t practice intermittent fasting. Plus, it is more beneficial for him to take protein before 10 am for his muscle growth, therefore, he has some protein dishes for his breakfast.

For his height growth, he needs zinc, phosphorus, and iron, as well, so I think of these nutrients for his meals.

Well, if you use Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I, which I talked about in the above video, you’ll cover most nutrients you need. In that sense, Ma Go Wa Ya Sa Shi I is both good for longevity biohacking and teenage biohacking.

As for sleeping, an 11-year-old child needs 9 to 11 hours, while I need 8 hours.  So, he needs to sleep longer, but we can both benefit from having a bath at night. It helps improve our sleeping quality. The morning sun exposure, too, in that sense. It also helps your sleep.

It is best if he can exercise with me in the morning, but he doesn’t have time in the morning, unfortunately. Well, he does get some morning sun exposure during his commute, which he walks, but just five minutes. His classroom corridor has a huge window with plenty of sunlight, so that must be helping him, too.

He’ll be in the 6th grade in April, and it will be his final year in elementary school. I may have to exercise with him every afternoon just for that year. Once he is in junior high school, he can join a sports club there.

Well, that means I have to change my exercise routine, and it will be a little more strenuous for me, but I think I can manage. It is just a year, after all.

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